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DIY PVC Pipe Dog Canopy

I’m proud to say that I’ve recently joined the crazy pet parent club and the dog DIYs are in full effect! To kick things off, here’s how to make a DIY dog canopy out of PVC pipes. It’s cheap, easy, absolutely adorable and my little Banks approves!

Full video:

DIY PVC pipe dog canopy project

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you’ll need:

  • Eight 1/2″ PVC pipes, 24″ long
  • Four 1/2″ three-way elbows
  • Four 1/2″ caps
  • Pipe cutter (you can also have someone cut the pipes for free at your local home improvement store)
  • Pencil
  • Spray paint
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric scissors
  • 5 Sheer voiles (I got mine from the 99cent store but you can find similar ones on Amazon)

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things you'll need

Step 2: Measure & Cut Pipes

Measure and mark the pipes at the 24″ spot. Then use the pipe cutter to cut the pipes.

measure pipe

cut pipes

8 pipes

Step 3: Spray Paint Pieces

Take the pipes, elbows and caps to a covered area outside and spray paint them all. It’s important to allow them to dry thoroughly, so wait a few hours until rotating and adding more paint.

spray paint pipes

Step 4: Add Caps to Base Pipes

Once all pieces are thoroughly dry, add the caps to the four base leg pipes.

add caps to pipes

Step 5: Assemble the Canopy Base

Attach the three-way elbows and assemble the base of the canopy.

add elbows

assemble base 2

Step 6: Measure & Cut Voiles

Hold one voile up against the canopy base and use your pencil to mark a spot at the bottom of the voile where you want to cut. Use your fabric scissors to shorten the voile. Then use that voile as a guide to cut the others to the same length.

measure voile

mark voile

cut voile

cut all voiles

Step 7: Hang Voiles

Hang the voiles from the canopy. I used one on each side and two on the front to create an opening, but feel free to use however many you’d like!

hang voile

hang voile 2

hang all voiles

Step 8: Create Ties

Take an extra piece of voile material that you previously cut off and fold it in half. Cut along the bottom hemline to create a strip, then cut that strip in half so you have two ties.

cut material for ties

cut material for ties 2


Step 9: Tie Front Panels

Use the strips to tie the front voiles to the canopy to create an opening.

tie front panels

tie front panels 2

Step 10: Add Dog Bed

Add the dog bed, pillows or blankets to the middle of the canopy so your fur baby has something comfy to lounge on.

add dog bed

All done!

How chic and adorable is this canopy?! Your guests will be extremely impressed that it was a DIY project, and your little dog will feel like royalty. Let me know if you try it out for yourself!





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